Weather or Not

Tis a very English thing. Oh yes, without the weather we would be aimless and silent. If we lost our loquacious opener, I fear that our little brains would collectively short circuit. Not at all surprising when this little green island has been sodden for the last three months. Apparently, the wettest three months since records began. Not three months of winter though. No, our little blessing has been delivered during the height of summer. Lovely.

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Diesel or petrol?

Indeed and, what’s more, a rather poignant question, as I gaily fill my van with fuel, having jumped the queue a bit. Wait a moment… that nozzle is black, are they not usually green? Ah.

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Ahhh. The beautiful English summer; blue skies with little puff ball clouds, a lovely cooling breeze as respite from the sun’s pounding rays. We should be so lucky. No, what we have this year is rain. And lots of it. Rain which has kindly fallen in abundance and created a really lovely, naturally occurring, “mud feature”. It mainly concentrates around the shower, thus providing us with one of life’s many ironies. You go in to wash the mud off, then step back out into the mud. So this week, our instructions were to build a path to the shower. Shame really, I thought we were building a forest railway. Like a sort of stannah forest lift.


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It’s probably going to be a bit of a struggle at first. you know, what with techno fear and all the associated troubles. But life is a bit of a struggle isn’t it? and, apparently like riding a bike or falling off it, or something. Anyway, jolly profound, I would have thought. Mostly, it’s about a sustainably managed woodland and a green wood working school and the volunteers that volunteer on Thursday. (Not life, this blog). But it may well drift. A bit. Firstly, I shall be blogging the bench wot I made.


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